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See the areas of Maine that got the most snow

Although the first major winter storm of the year dumped fewer than six inches of snow on Bangor, some parts of the state got more than two feet of snow. That’s a welcome opening to the ski season for the state’s western mountains, where paltry precipitation made for one of the toughest seasons in years. But the snowfall combined with strong winds meant […]

Half of our national parks started as monuments

The official transfer of land east of Baxter State Park from Roxanne Quimby’s holding company, Elliotsville Plantation, to the federal government on Tuesday morning appears to indicate that a national monument designation is on the way. Opponents of the proposal have long argued that presidential designation of the land as a national monument would make a full park designation inevitable. […]

Rising sea levels could wash away $3.1B in Maine property. See how your neighborhood might fare.

If sea levels rise six feet by the year 2100 as projected, that would put an estimated $3.1 billion in Maine residential real estate under water. The property site Zillow matched up its proprietary data on current home values with federal projections of how sea level rise would affect coastal areas to determine where properties […]