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A Maine paper mill joins the fight against superbugs, with a product inspired by sharks

Hospitals face perhaps no bigger challenge today than the proliferation of dangerous infections that are resistant to antibiotics. Their weapons of choice in the battle against so-called “superbugs” span from the low-tech (thorough hand-washing) to the high-tech (paint and fabrics infused with antimicrobial chemicals). Now comes a new defense against those nasty germs, which are responsible for an uncounted […]

Is Presque Isle really the nation’s ‘epicenter of anxiety’?

In a piece for the New York Times this week, opinion writer Seth Stephens-Davidowitz describes Presque Isle as the country’s “epicenter of anxiety.” The finding is based on Google searches for the word “anxiety” and related terms, such as “anxiety help” and “anxiety symptoms.” Apparently, Americans are punching those terms into Google more this year than in any other year […]