Monthly Archives: December 2016

See the areas of Maine that got the most snow

Although the first major winter storm of the year dumped fewer than six inches of snow on Bangor, some parts of the state got more than two feet of snow. That’s a welcome opening to the ski season for the state’s western mountains, where paltry precipitation made for one of the toughest seasons in years. But the snowfall combined with strong winds meant […]

Even in Maine more people are going without cars

Maine households increasingly have ditched personal vehicles, following a national rise in the share of homes without cars. The trend appears in the latest batch of census survey data, comparing estimates from the period 2006-2010 to estimates covering 2011-2015. Maine and Vermont were some of the smallest and certainly most rural among those where the share of no-car households increased. The relevant census survey […]

Fine print can keep customers from taking companies to court

Contracts with credit card companies, banks, cellphone providers and others often include terms preventing customers from taking a company to court, alone or as part of a class with other customers. The contracts instead require customers to pursue any claims through another legal avenue, called arbitration, where a third-party assesses and decides how to resolve the dispute. The clauses […]